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This year the “Bread of the Creative Cities” project had a dedicated afternoon, on June 12th from 3:00 to 7:00 pm, at the main cloister of St. Domenico (Paper and Watermark Museum in Fabriano), Crafts & Folk Art Pavillion, to go over the results of the 2019 edition of the project, and prepare for the 2020 edition, Santos’ UCCN XIV.

The Conference focused on several intra-cluster project based on the practical application of the Declaration of San Cristóbal de Las Casas and the Cross – Pollination.


15.25 – 16.35: Breads of the Creative Cities Conference 2019

Bread of the Creative Cities Conference banner

Breads of the Creative Cities: is the current ongoing project of ITKIUS and its partner Tucson City of Gastronomy. The goal of this project is to document and promote the bread baking traditions of UNESCO Creative Cities around the world with the support of Fabriano, Creative City of Craft and Folk Art, and Puebla, Creative City of Design. We are extending the definition of bread to include any local staple food that plays a culturally significant role in a community’s heritage to include as many UCCN member cities as possible. This project continues the efforts of the Days of Bread event, held in Krakow, Poland for the UCCN XII Annual Meeting in June 2018.


16.50 – 18.35: A practical application of the Declaration of San Cristóbal (Principles from 1 to 8) and the “Cross – Pollination” – Projects for 2019/2020

Artisanal Cheeses Of Creative Cities Banner

Artisanal Cheeses of Creative Cities:

This project has the main aim of preserving, narrating and sharing artisanal cheese making traditions, and the ancient techniques used.

The principle aims are to:

  • Tell the stories behind each Knowledge Keeper, including the master cheese makers and the breeders who play an essential role in creating the basic ingredient to making a cheese.
  • Capture the creative processes of the Knowledge Keepers, through a variety of texts, interviews, photographs and video content.

The project has potentials to be carried forward over the years, slowly incorporating not only all the UNESCO Creative Cities, but also any artisanal cheese-producing communities around the world.


Creative Textile banner

Creative Textile project is a documentary which narrates how sharing resources can create “Creative Cross – Pollination” events and new experiences for creative people (in line with the Declaration of San Cristóbal de Las Casas). Results of a first “Creative Cross – Pollination” will be presented during the UCC XIII in Fabriano, where garments designed by San Cristóbal de Las Casas artisans using silk from Como, and Como’s garments using Maya’s traditional drawings will be presented. The documentary follows a video-interview format with people, stories and traditions narrated to promote inclusiveness, overcoming gender, ethnicity and racial diversities (SDG 5, 11, 16, 17).


Voyage Of The Drum banner

The Voyage of the Drum proposes to bring the UNESCO Creative Cities of Music together in cooperation with other UCCN Cities to share the ways in which the DRUM is a cross-cultural form of human expression and cultural heritage.

There will be several intra-clusters aspects related to this project: Music: the cadence of the beat; the Knowledge Keepers: in this specific case the composers and musicians the History; Crafts & Folk Art: creation of musical instruments; Film: video is an excellent medium for sharing the voyage of the drum as a performative art and cultural heritage.



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