The Creative Knowledge Platform Methodology

The Creative Knowledge Platform (CKP), is a methodology developed by the International Traditional Knowledge Institute, US Chapter (ITKI-US), gives cities the opportunity to highlight their unique characteristics, implement a local model of promotion and leverage the UCCN Brand.

Each City can utilize three “Concepts” to attract visitors (both “Experts” and the “General Public”) and leave them with a lasting memory:

  • Experience: See/Hear, Know, Try;
  • Spaces: Physical, Virtual;
  • Activities: Permanent, Temporary

The CKP is composed of Websites, Apps and virtual-reality environments engaging both Experts and General visitors in a simulated, expanded and extended Experience (see/hear, know and try), that guides visitors through the City’s Spaces (physical and virtual) to participate in Activities (Permanent, Temporary), even after a visit.

For Creative Cities, adopting the Creative Knowledge Platform model increases community support, awareness and engagement.

The CKP gathers and preserves information in a variety of different formats: business card, booklets, books, billboards, etc. The information collected describes the Territory itself (history, culture, places, community), its Unique Features (ingredients, recipes, processing, techniques…), the Knowledge Keepers (who knows/makes the creative products: chefs, farmers…), the Staff (restaurants cooks, farm helpers…) and the Creative Products (recipes, ingredients, artwork…) of the Territory.

graphic with world and city

UNESCO Creative Cities

graphic piece of marble

Hands at work: Carrara Marble

flour and marble graphics

Breads of the Creative Cities

The ITKI US has established international agreements with the Tech Gap Network (ITA, US, RO) in order to implement the CKP methodological model.

The Tech Gap Network has developed TRusT™ Platform, a mix of technological solutions and services for different targets. The TRusT™ Platform has been customized for ITKIUS – discover more – in order to promote cultural projects.

A dedicated Team (TRusT™ Team) works on update, development, and realization of the outputs expected from the territories which adopt the CKP methodology.

See the CKP in action through the TRusT™ App.