Promoted by UNESCO since 2010, and formally associated on July 3rd, 2015, with the UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme (UNESCO-WWAP), the International Traditional Knowledge Institute (ITKI), with international president Mrs. Elizabeth Nobrega de Araujo Tsakiroglou, and  with president Pietro Laureano, headquarters in Florence, is an initiative to gather detailed information about traditional techniques and sustainable technologies used by ancient cultures, otherwise known as Traditional Knowledge (TK).  

The International Traditional Knowledge Institute, U.S. Division (ITKI US), was formed by Annamaria and Giuseppe Biagini, with the support of the University of Arizona, the City of Tucson and Pima County, to further the scope of the ITKI initiatives in North America and around the world.

Our aim is to contribute to the preservation of TK systems by cultivating regional communities who are invested in the preservation of local TK. While North American TK systems are the focus of our efforts,  we strongly encourage the contribution of TK Communities from around the world.

The Creative Knowledge Foundation (CKF) supports the ITKIUS’ initiatives.
CKF is a non-profit organization founded in Tucson in 2017.

Our efforts:

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Support the initiatives of the ITKI chapters around the world in augmenting the Traditional Knowledge World Bank developed by ITKI.

Develop a comprehensive and universal collection of Creative Knowledge through the Creative Knowledge Platform.

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Encourage Traditional Knowledge Communities as a social forum for exploring TK and communicating Best Practices and Case Studies

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Promote sustainable solutions using traditional knowledge through interactive tools and innovative events