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Breads of the Creative Cities is the current ongoing project of ITKIUS and its partner Tucson City of Gastronomy. The goal of this project is to document and promote the bread baking traditions of UNESCO Creative Cities around the world with the support of Krakow City of LiteratureFabriano, Creative City of Craft and Folk Art, and Puebla, Creative City of Design. We are extending the definition of bread to include any local staple food that plays a culturally significant role in a community’s heritage to include as many UCCN member cities as possible. This project continues the efforts of the Days of Bread event, held in Krakow, Poland for the UCCN XII Annual Meeting in June 2018.  

ITKIUS and Tucson are encouraging all 180 Creative Cities across all clusters to engage in this exciting project.

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We will send you an email with a specific link for your Creative City; this link will be univocal and you cannot share it with other Creative Cities!

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This project utilizes the Creative Knowledge Platform to achieve the same documentation and storytelling as the Days of Bread, expanded to even more of the Creative Cities.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Promote ongoing participation from Creative Cities around the world.
  • Create a dedicated smartphone app to serve as a permanent publicly accessible database, as well as provide useful tools such as Experiential Itineraries to help explore UNESCO Creative Cities (iOS) (Android)
  • Create a permanent UCCN Cultural Knowledge Resource online (also in print) through the “Breads of the Creative Cities” publication.
  • Present the final book at the UCCN XIII Annual Meeting to be held in Fabriano Italy in June 2019.


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