Types of TKWB forms

TKWB consists of a set of standardized forms that gather data, images, and information on techniques, its applications in the world, their degradation and possible innovative reinterpretations.

There are four types of forms:

Form 1 – General description of the technique – This form gives an overview of the technique: each technique is associated with an icon of the SITTI iconographic system.

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Form 2 – Local application of the technique – This form explains variations in utilizing a technique adapted for a given landscape. —> list forms 2

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Form 3 – Success story -This form illustrates and describes a successful project where one or more traditional techniques were implemented.  —> list forms 3

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Form 4 – Innovative technologies and solutions – This is the form that illustrates a new solution incorporating the principles of a traditional technique, reinterpreted using new technologies. —> list forms 4

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Types of TKWB forms