The Traditional Knowledge World Bank

The Traditional Knowledge World Bank (TKWB) ) is a Web system platform designed for the dissemination and sharing of Traditional Knowledge while simultaneously paying respect to its origins. The database of techniques is organized in Forms, and it is based on an iconographic system (SITTI). TKWB gathers and protects Traditional Knowledge while also promoting and certifying innovative practices based on modern-day re-proposals of traditions.

Traditional knowledge, which has been passed down through generations, is in danger. Its disappearance would mark an invaluable loss of not only cultural and natural heritage but also a loss of valuable resources that can be utilized in innovative sustainable solutions now and into the future.

Traditional Knowledge consists of practical (instrumental) and normative knowledge concerning the ecological, socio-economic and cultural environment. Traditional knowledge originates from people and is transmitted to people by recognizable and experienced actors. It is systemic (inter-sectorial and holistic), experimental (empirical and practical), intergenerational and culturally enhanced.

In September 2012 the TKWB has been presented at the Conference “The international protection of Landscapes” held in Florence, Italy and promoted by UNESCOITKI.

Message of HRH The Prince of Wales

Message of HRH The Prince of Wales for the UNESCO International Conference on the Protection of Landscapes – Florence 19th-21st September 2012 to promote the International Traditional Knowledge Institute (ITKI) and Traditional Knowledge World Bank (TKWB)