The golden thread that weaves culture and creativity

Como is silk project cover book

The fourth title in the series focuses on the Traditional and Creative Knowledge of Como’s silk production system. Silk was invented millennia ago in China; on its travels westward, it landed in Como. And when that journey from the East was interrupted due to historical and political events, it was Como that re-established the silk thread and became the European silk hub and weaving selling the fabrics that supplied the colorful markets of Europe’s main capitals, creating new yarns, new designs and always anticipating and interpreting the tastes of fashion of all times.

To this day the work of the knowledge keepers of Como area is an example of a splendid evolution of ancient techniques that use contemporary tools but maintain the unique qualities of the Genius Loci that transforms every piece of silk into a work of art.

The Project TRusTTM for ITKIUS has participated in the creation of “Como is silk: The golden thread that weaves culture and creativity”, offering an innovative interactive experience with the text, thanks to the inclusion of QR Codes.

The principal aim was to publish this interactive book, which tells of the territory, tools used, traditions and silk, all of which support the candidature of Como as City of Crafts and Folk Art in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

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