Hands at work: Carrara Marble

Hands at work project cover book

“Hands at Work: Carrara Marble” is the second of the editorial projects undertaken by ITKIUS. The book focuses on the Traditional and Creative Knowledge of the Artisans from Carrara. These artisans have demonstrated over more than two millenia of continuous use, improvement and evolution of how the ancient knowledge of sculpting, inlaying and ornating has been, and still is, a model of sustainable development for the local community.

The Project TRusT™ for ITKIUS has participated in the creation of “Hands at Work: Carrara Marble”, offering an innovative interactive experience with the text, thanks to the inclusion of QR Codes.

The principal aim was to publish this interactive book, which tells of working techniques, tools used, traditions and sculptures, all of which support the candidature of Carrara as City of Crafts & Folk Art in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Click here to view example information about the sculptures, artists and laboratories through the TRusT™ platform.

Click here to download a PDF preview of the “Hands at Work: The Carrara Marble” publication. If you would like more information about the full publication, please email info@itkius.org.

If you are a sculptor from Carrara and would like to participate in the “Hands at Work” project, please send us an email to info@itkius.org.