Traditional Knowledge Communities

ITKI US is very excited for the future launch of the Traditional Knowledge Communities site in order to supplement the efforts of ITKI and the Traditional Knowledge World Bank.

Here, registered members can join online communites, representing global locales that are rich with Traditional Knowledge. Members are encouraged to share their TK ideas as well as vote and comment to develop others’ posts with the end goal of promoting cultural understanding and generating submissions for the TKWB.

TK Communities is a place for community members, students, researchers, innovators, and the general public. It provides a venue to learn and ask questions, to build networks of interested individuals and to submit research that can be evaluated for addition to the TKWB. TK Communities provides the vital social element of cultural preservation.

JOIN TODAY to contribute, discuss, and learn about the invaluable wealth of Traditional Knowledge from communities around the world.

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Current locales that we are investigating for possible inclusion
in our TK Communities:

Archita, Romania, Europe

-Bergamo, Italy, Europe

-Como, Italy, Europe

Santa Cruz Heritage Area, Arizona, North America

The Parrhasian Heritage Park, Greece, Europe

The Carrara Marble Quarries, Italy, Europe