The Cheese Valleys

The Cheese Valleys project cover book

The third title of the series focuses on the Traditional and Creative Knowledge of the Orobic Valleys (Bergamo, Lecco e Sondrio), who have demonstrated, for more than a thousand years of evolution, that cheese is not a mere mixture of ingredients (milk, rennet and salt) or a set of tastes and flavors. Cheese making is instead an anthropological and cultural heritage, made of people, expertise and traditional practices that includes the continuous activity of men and animals which have marked the time and the lives of the peoples of the Orobic Valleys, years after years.

The Project TRusTTM for ITKIUS has participated in the creation of “The Cheese Valleys: The Birthplace of the Orobic Cheese-making Tradition”, offering an innovative interactive experience with the text, thanks to the inclusion of QR Codes.

The principal aim was to publish this interactive book, which tells of working techniques, tools used, traditions and cheeses, all of which support the candidature of Bergamo as City of Gastronomy in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

If you are a cheese maker from the Orobic Valleys and would like to participate in the The Cheese Valleys project, please send us an email to