The world meeting of the Creative Cities of Gastronomy, Belém, 7th to 11th November 2017

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From 7th to 11th of November, representatives related to gastronomy from around the world met in Belém, a Unesco City of Gastronomy in Brazil, to celebrate the “World Meeting of the Creative Cities of Gastronomy”.

During the food festival, participants could find information about the traceability and traditions of the unique ingredients from Belém (click here to discover more) as well as other cities attending, thanks to the TRusTTM platform and the promotional materials distributed by the TRusTTM Team.  Pairs of chefs from different cities worked together to create dishes composed of different traditional ingredients from their city. The TRusTTM team, with the support of ITKIUS and of the chefs, created an interactive way for the guests to discover the traditional ingredients from cities around the world as well as the experimental recipes created.

For the host City, TRusTTM created a more descriptive booklet which contains the traditions and traceability of the typical ingredients from Belém, like the Cupuaçu jelly, Tucupi, Cacau and Açaí, thanks to the support of the focal point of Unesco Creative City of Belém and the delegated chef Angela Sicilia.

Chef Miguel Ángel Bahena Famanial from Ensenada (Mexico), TRusTTM for ITKI US Standing Desk LabelChef Pablo Gustavo  Guzmán Illera from Popayàn (Colombia), TRusTTM for ITKI US Standing Desk Label

Chefs from Belém show their TRusTTM profile


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