In memory of Dona Elizabeth Nobrega de Araujo Tsakiroglou Carrington

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At this time of great sadness for the passing of Dona Elizabeth Nobrega de Araujo Tsakiroglou Carrington on Friday, 20th October 2023, we want to remember the strong commitment that she, as the Maria Nobrega Foundation President and Co-Founder, has made over the years for the protection of cultural heritage, art and traditions of communities around the world.
With the purpose of promoting architectural heritage restoration, sustainable regeneration and the preservation of cultural heritage, the Maria Nobrega Foundation has carried out projects that focus on the importance of sharing and disseminating Traditional Knowledge, while simultaneously paying respect to its keepers, in many countries (Austria, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, Libya, Romania and USA).
We like to remember her as a constant source of inspiration, wisdom and vision that she always provided to all the people around her and demonstrated during the many occasions spent together over the past years.


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