Expanding the Days of Bread experience through the Creative Knowledge Platform

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Different cultures have different breads

In concurrence with the UCCN XII Conference in Krakow- Katowice, ITKIUS is promoting a common, trans-network project (i.e. not only Cities of Gastronomy but all 180 Creative Cities), supporting the “Days of Bread” program, June 9-10, 2018, Wolnica Square, Krakow, as proposed by the UCCN XII Committee. The inspiration for ITKIUS’ project derives from the words of the organizers: “… bread is a symbol of fecundity and miracles, generosity and sharing … bread fulfills a specific function in social and culinary culture by providing nourishment and sustenance, and its methods of preparation and associated traditions are as diverse as the world itself”. For this project, Tucson City of Gastronomy –the NGO organization managing Tucson’s UNESCO City of Gastronomy designation – will partner with the International Traditional Knowledge Institute –U.S. Chapter (ITKI-US), Krakow City of Literature, and the UCCN to expand and enhance the Days of Bread celebration through the Creative Knowledge Platform.


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