The TRusTTM Team supports and coordinates operationally in Italy the project activities promoted by the International Traditional Knowledge Institute, US Chapter (ITKI US), which use the CKP methodology to enhance the territories, their local creativity and the traditional knowledge of its knowledge keepers.

The TRusTTM Team is composed by several profiles with multidisciplinary skills (T-shaped skills): project managers, product managers, business developers, marketing and social media profiles, graphic designers and art designers, web designers and software developers.

The TRusTTM Team’s activities concern:

  • support in the use of the customized TRusTTM platform for ITKI US with the aim of applying the CKP methodology: creation of profiles (eg knowledge keepers, project manager..), creation of territorial projects and local paths etc.
  • support in the editorial projects: coordination of the work team, organization of information (texts and graphic), support in contents and graphic development of the interactive book and post-production photographic materials.
  • development and realization of graphic and printing materials (eg. dedicated booklets to tell the story of the territories, knowledge keepers, local creativities and traditional knowledge);
  • website development: coordination of the work team, organization of information and texts, development of the website layout and graphics and post-production of shared photographic materials.
  • social media plan development: study and analysis of the most suitable social channels to communicate the message and the project, planning of the editorial plan, ideation and development of contents (text and creativity), graphic post-production of images and videos;
  • updates and development of new platform features.