We are excited for your contribution to the Breads of the Creative Cities project. To create a well formatted and organized book, we are requesting a standardized set of information from all the Creative Cities. To get the book printed in time for the UCCN XIII Annual Meeting in 2019, the final deadline for all information is May 1st, 2019.

We are extending the definition of bread to include any local staple food that plays a culturally significant role in a community’s heritage to include as many UCCN member cities as possible.

To participate, please choose a representative baker who prepares a traditional staple food of your Creative City. This information is essential for your city to be included in the final publication. We also encourage you to find a farmer and a miller that contribute to the production process of your city’s bread, however this is optional material.

Registration begins with the Creative City profile. In this profile you will fill out information about the city such as its creative field and cultural history. Here you will also input basic information about your city’s representative baker, such as their name, email and bakery name.  An invitation email will automatically be sent to the baker from TRusT to setup their own individual profile. In this profile, the baker will manage inputting their own data and will be in contact with us for revisions. If your baker does not speak English, please aid them in filling out the required information. Farmer and miller profiles are also available if you would like to include them in this project.

We will send you emails throughout the process to keep you updated on the city’s various profiles along with a final email when the information is ready to be published.

If you have not received yet an email from the Breads of the Creative Cities team please click on the button below “Participate” and fill out the form.

We will send you an email with a specific link for your Creative City; this link will be univocal and you cannot share it with other Creative Cities!

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If you want more information please write us at breadsofthecreativecities@itkius.org, or visit the Breads of the Creative Cities page.

The language of this project is English, so if your baker, farmer or miller does not know the language please aid them in filling out their respective data.

The two most important components are the Creative City and the Baker. If you do not have at least one baker, your city will not be included in the project, although feel free to include additional bakers you would like to feature.

Knowledge Keepers (bakers, farmers, millers) can be represented either by commercial entities or individuals. Where appropriate, please also include information about traditional techniques and tools used in producing both the four and the bread. You can also include outside bibliographic sources for additional information.

We suggest all text responses have a length of 150-300 words, unless otherwise specified.

Along with the information we are also requesting at a minimum five images and a video for publication. Please ensure you include images of at least 2500×1700 pixels of:

  • The Creative City (landscape)
  • Your unique UNESCO Creative City logo
  • An image of each participating Knowledge Keeper
  • The City’s bread
  • Demonstration of the City’s creative field

We are also requesting you include a video to be published on the platform. Please upload this video to YouTube and include the link when submitting your information. The video does not have to be in English, but it must have English subtitles if in a different language. We suggest videos run around 2-3 min long. For a standard format interview, we suggest the following outline:

  • Why did you become a baker?
  • How does baking affect your everyday life?
  • What are the challenges of being a baker, and what is the most difficult aspect of your job?
  • Are you satisfied with your job?
  • Your favorite thing to bake is…?

Here you can see three example of videos from Krakow, City of Literature: Bińkowscy bakeryZaczyn bakery and Pochlebstwo bakery.

We also encourage any additional content relating to your specific creative field and its connections to the chosen bread (Examples poetry, song lyrics, film clips, graphics, artwork, craft and more to convey the cultural connections to your bread).

If you would like to see examples of the other participating Creative Cites, please click here.